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Dominion East Ohio | Space Planning and Programming | Interior Design | Lighting Design

Due to corporate consolidations within the industry, Dominion East Ohio decided to vacate leased space downtown and move their offices to an existing, vacant warehouse/maintenance building that they owned. KA was asked to renovate the facility that included maintenance bays, test labs, welding bays and parts storage, into the company's corporate and operational offices. KA devised the complex phasing schedule that involved a rolling sequence to accommodate the company's lease obligations in their various downtown locations.

The 175,000 sf space is designed for flexibility and ease of reconfiguration; approximately 80% is open plan, with the remaining 20% for individual offices and conference/training rooms.

Due to space constraints, the corporate dining facility is located in the basement. This location proved particularly challenging for the designers for several reasons: the area was irregularly shaped, main building services overhead impinged on available ceiling heights, and there were no windows.

Decorative lighting fixtures are incorporated with halogen lamps and color corrected fluorescent lighting. Up-lighting gives a soft glow to certain ceiling areas, creating the illusion of height. Color changing LED lighting helps replicate daylight and provides for subtle light changes, mimicking the way that cloud patterns and the sun's path change daylight qualities.

In order to keep the building's 1930s-era character, KA replaced the windows with new, energy-efficient units designed to match the existing window sashes. The interiors required extensive work, including asbestos removal, the installation of a new variable volume HVAC system with new air handlers, and a sprinkler system.

The color palette and material selection incorporates Dominion's corporate blue throughout the building, with the addition of yellows and greens in the dining room to counteract the lack of light and outdoor views.

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