2017 KA Putting Contest - Winner Jae Cho!

Jae Cho rolls in a 45 foot putt to win the 9th annual KA Putting Contest! A sudden death, playoff putt-off wasn't required as in years past since Dan Rable's valiant attempt came to rest a fraction of an inch from the cup, claiming second place. Better luck next year ...

7 weeks ago

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Jim Clarke - Technical Director & Studio Leader

Image of the Horseshoe Casino architecture project. KA is a nationally-recognized architecture firm that provides casino architecture services and many other types of architecture work.

About KA Architecture

KA has been providing premium architecture services since 1960. What started off as a small practice in founder Keeva J. Kekst’s home turned into a nationally-recognized architecture firm that prides itself on creating quality architecture that expands on the strategic vision of our clients and helps them achieves their goals.

Now in its third generation of ownership, KA is a leader in the architecture industry, providing innovative work on projects such as open-air shopping centers, regional malls, department stores, hospitality venues, corporate offices, multi-family residential, and senior living centers.

Located in a brand new office in Cleveland suburb Seven Hills, Ohio, KA continues to make its mark in the architecture industry. We understand that your projects are more than just another building or parcel of land. KA works directly with you to create quality architecture that helps your business build toward the future.

Image of KA’s new office in Cleveland suburb Seven Hills, Ohio. KA has a history of providing innovative architecture services for clients.

KA Architecture History

Keeva J. Kekst took a big risk back in 1960 when he founded KA. After decades of success, his decision paid off for both the company and its clients. Read more about how KA became a nationally-recognized architecture firm.

Image of the KA team. KA Architecture promotes a culture of collaboration that benefits all of our architecture projects.

KA Company Culture

KA’s company culture is an important factor in the success of our firm. KA promotes a culture of collaboration that benefits both our clients and our employees. Learn more about KA’s company culture.

Image of a corporate office architecture project. KA provides innovative architecture design and planning services.

KA Architectural Services

KA provides architectural design and planning services for projects across the country. Our experienced team works with clients to provide innovative solutions that helps them meet meets their goals. Learn more about our architectural services today.

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