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Our Management

  • John G.  Burk

    John G. Burk

    President & Chief Operating Officer

  • Craig H. Wasserman

    Craig H. Wasserman

    Executive Vice President

  • Alan W.  Siliko

    Alan W. Siliko

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Richard A. Wilden

    Richard A. Wilden

    Director of Design

  • Robert J. Sullivan, Jr.

    Robert J. Sullivan, Jr.

    Senior Project Architect

  • Donna A. Ross

    Donna A. Ross

    Studio Leader

  • Jim Clarke

    Jim Clarke

    Technical Director & Studio Leader

  • Ibrahim Hakki

    Ibrahim Hakki

    Senior Project Architect

  • Graham Post

    Graham Post

    Senior Project Architect

  • Kevin Spring

    Kevin Spring

    Senior Project Architect

  • Evan  Zane

    Evan Zane

    Senior Project Architect

2016 KA Holiday Party

KA Holiday Party was a smashing success!  Travis Vannoy wins the Ugly Sweater Contest by a landslide, sporting his best holiday duds.  Javier Cora, Dan Rable, Becca Illencik and Evan Zane win the Best Gingerbread House Award for their rendition of the Candy Mine.  Check out photos of all the ...

15 weeks ago

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Robert J. Sullivan, Jr. - Senior Project Architect

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