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  • John G.  Burk

    John G. Burk

    President & Chief Operating Officer

  • Craig H. Wasserman

    Craig H. Wasserman

    Executive Vice President

  • Alan W.  Siliko

    Alan W. Siliko

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Richard A. Wilden

    Richard A. Wilden

    Director of Design

  • Robert J. Sullivan, Jr.

    Robert J. Sullivan, Jr.

    Senior Project Architect

  • Donna A. Ross

    Donna A. Ross

    Studio Leader

  • Jim Clarke

    Jim Clarke

    Technical Director & Studio Leader

  • Ibrahim Hakki

    Ibrahim Hakki

    Senior Project Architect

  • Graham Post

    Graham Post

    Senior Project Architect

  • Kevin Spring

    Kevin Spring

    Senior Project Architect

  • Evan  Zane

    Evan Zane

    Senior Project Architect

2017 KA Putting Contest - Winner Jae Cho!

Jae Cho rolls in a 45 foot putt to win the 9th annual KA Putting Contest! A sudden death, playoff putt-off wasn't required as in years past since Dan Rable's valiant attempt came to rest a fraction of an inch from the cup, claiming second place. Better luck next year ...

7 weeks ago

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John G. Burk - President & Chief Operating Officer

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