The Promenade Bolingbrook

Forest City

Bolingbrook, Illinois

services provided:

    • Site & Land Planning
    • Executive Architect

The Promenade Bolingbrook | Site & Land Planning, Executive Architect

The Promenade Bolingbrook brings more than million square feet of shopping, dining, workspace and outdoor gathering places to the Village of Bolingbrook and its surrounding areas.

The focus of the project was to create a design that would incorporate elements of the Midwestern prairie design philosophy. Maximizing the project’s resources, buildings were treated as a backdrop for dramatically designed front- and back-lit graphics and decorative elements that work in conjunction with the tenants’ storefront design. The buildings are clad in an organic palette of tans and browns created with brick, cultured stone and stucco.

An extensive program of streetscape amenities includes light poles, directories, planters, benches, fountains and ornamental fencing, all carefully selected to create an organized language that clearly identifies the project’s pedestrian areas. A child-friendly fountain serves as a focal point and brings to the life the main plaza space.

Developing a walkable project also required the team to specify appropriate landscape and hardscape materials and to integrate project signage into the sidewalk design. Larger plant material was pre-purchased by the Owner and grown in a nursery ahead of time to bring more mature landscaping to The Promenade in time for its grand opening.

The Promenade at Bolingbrook attained LEED certification. Unprecedented for this type of development, the project exceeded the 24 points required for its level of certification, earning 26 out of 27 points submitted for review.

Design Team:
  • KA - Executive Architect
  • Redmond Schwartz Mark Design - Concept Building Designer

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