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KeyCorp Operations Center | Master Planning, Interior & Landscape Architecture, Design, Executive Architect, & Interior Design

KeyCorp's campus is comprised of one four-story and one six-story building, linked by an internal pedestrian main street at ground level, designed to accommodate future expansion. This internal pedestrian main street contains reception areas, meeting rooms, a branch bank and the facility dining rooms. The buildings tie into a structural parking deck and the link provides for the potential of adding an additional building.

Organized in quadrants, the building provides maximum flexibility and efficiency while placing meeting areas and staff amenities in close proximity to the work areas.

The unique design approach incorporates building systems that utilize cost effective building components with optimum design flexibility. Furnishings were specified to minimize maintenance while still conveying KeyCorp's corporate culture and image.

Designed prior to the establishment of LEED, the project was designed with sustainable criteria to such an extent that it has received LEED certification for existing buildings.

Site: 1.6 M sf, Building 1: 192,000 sf, Building 2: 396,000 sf

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