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IMG Headquarters | Interior Architecture | Lighting Design | Interior Design | Environmental Graphic Design

IMG, a global leader in the field of sports and entertainment management and marketing, needed to improve their corporate headquarters' function, image and identity. Upon understanding IMG's program, KA developed a phased relocation and move plan over five floors to bring IMG's 136,000 square feet of operating units into a better functioning relationship. The project encompassed approximately eight floors within IMG center on a phased schedule over a five year period.

First, IMG's reception, conference center, computer server room and lunch room were relocated from upper IMG office floors to a more prominent location off the first floor building lobby. With street level visibility, these areas were also developed as exhibit areas for IMG. This strategy, while not only providing public exposure for IMG, created swing space on the upper floors for temporary relocation of IMG staff to continue uninterrupted operations during construction.

IMG's worldwide computer and data/communication services were consolidated and relocated to their own floor, providing greater efficiency and security for 24/7 operations. In addition, a fitness center was developed to benefit IMG staff.

KA developed a number of design strategies to create not only a functional environment, but one that was also reflective of IMG's identity. By developing a gallery at each of the elevator lobbies, the floor was visually opened from the lobby to the building exterior. Decreasing the perimeter private offices by a few inches allowed the creation of recessed hardwall file alcoves to house materials, which had previously cluttered corridors. The alcoves also incorporate a clerestory to let daylight into the office interior; their mass enhances the acoustic privacy of the offices and they create pools of light that enrich the space by concealing an indirect light fixture.

The simple strategy of decreasing office depth and integrating file alcoves was the major component in a design strategy that gave IMG the ability to increase staff population on each floor. A color palette of cream colored textured plaster, cherry workstations and cleft slate flooring and walls create a comfortable work environment. Groupings of workstations are illuminated by indirect lighting, eliminating glare on computer screens and continuing the feel of daylight from the clerestory glass. Since television is an integral part of today's sports and entertainment, video screen with live feed of events were integrated into IMG's public spaces. A custom display system allows photos of legendary and emerging "stars" to be changed and rotated throughout the IMG facility.

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