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ICI Paints Headquarters | Site Selection | Design and Executive Architect | Interior Architecture | Interior Design

With a set date to move out of their current facility, a desire to change their corporate culture, but without a final new location selected and tight budgetary constraints, ICI Paints looked to KA to provide guidance through the entire project process of relocating their 400+ employees.

To shorten the design process, KA approached the project as a "workshop" involving ICI Paints employee groups in conjunction with KA staff. Some of the major issues solved through this approach were, furniture selection, color palettes, department organization, technology interface, spatial layouts, corporate product displays, workplace definition and office standards, lighting, artwork and product application.

By assigning and dedicating senior staff for the entire project from initial project meetings through construction field supervision, KA not only provided a level of security for ICI Paints, but also assured that no knowledge was lost as the project moved from idea and concept to reality.

Once the program was established, KA developed fit plans and budgets for three separate properties prior to the final selection of an existing building of 100,000 sf. Upon KA's recommendation, ICI Paints was able to utilize existing open plan systems furniture which was rehabilitated and supplemented with new components, resulting in a major cost benefit. Similarly, KA developed color palettes in conjunction with ICI Paints color group, which allowed the reuse of approximately half of the existing carpet tile material.

In order to show employees, customers and visitors the breadth of ICI Paints product line, KA and the ICI Paints color group developed a color scheme utilizing ICI Paints various coatings ranging from latex paint to textured coatings, metallics and specialized floor coatings used in a "Jackson Pollack" design on the cafeteria floor. The facility's signature element is a series of concealed color changing LED lights which slowly make specific walls and ceilings appear to change color; a fitting reminder of ICI's credo "Color is our business."

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